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Pilates Mat Course
MON 6.45pm
THUR 8pm
SAT 9am

Kundalini Yoga Class
THUR 6.45pm

Yoga & Meditation Course
MON 8pm
TUES 8pm
SAT 10.15am

Antonio is also available for Private and semi-private sessions.


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Antonio Di Cecco takes a holistic approach to exercise and lifestyle by combining ancient alternative methods and the latest discoveries from the health & fitness arena.   He is a Pilates Level 3 APMA Certified Teacher and Senior Yoga teacher (KYTANZ, IKYTA, YTAA).

Antonio has worked in the health & fitness industry for over 20 years and has trained with senior teachers in Australia, UK & USA. Having  roots from a mainstream fitness background of weight training and athletics  enables him to understand the importance of balance in  physical and mental conditioning.

Antonio has gained great recognition within the Australian & International Film Industry. He has been employed by major Hollywood film productions to prepare key cast for physically and mentally challenging work; including Queen of the Damned, Kingdom of Heaven and Pirates of the Caribbean 1&2 amongst others.

The Pilates Method is one of Antonio’s main areas of expertise. He believes that Pilates creates intelligence, strength & equilibrium in the body & mind which in turn bestows an individual with an excellent foundation to excel in all activities, including yoga. Rather than combining the practises of Yoga and Pilates he sees them as two individual disciplines which are extremely complimentary to each other.

Antonio has had extensive experience developing rehabilitation and healing programs for a variety of ailments. His approach is to awaken and fine tune the inner workings of the body so that channels are opened & circulation optimised. This, in turn accelerating the body’s natural healing/rejuvenating process. He has a continuous commitment to the use of yoga, pilates & meditation as preventative methods for maintaining optimum health.

His life goal is to educate & guide individuals on a positive path of enhanced well-being (physically, mentally & emotionally), thus empowering them to maintain optimum  health  & peak performance while facing their daily challenges.


Body Bliss's Journey

Body Bliss © has been formally operating in Melbourne since 1997. Antonio Di Cecco, the founder and owner of Body Bliss, began his journey into health and wellbeing early in his teens, he was particularly interested in weight training and developing a strong and symmetrical physique.

In 1990 while studying for his Business Degree, Antonio was approached to do personal training for friends and he soon became a professional personal trainer. Once he finished his degree he founded Body Bliss and continued studying various holistic methodologies including meditation, buteyko breathing amongst others incorporating these practices in his personal training style.

In 1996 Antonio discovered his great passion; YOGA. He quickly became an adept yoga teacher and continued his training with senior yoga teachers around the globe. He became well known for his amazing mastery and great teaching skills.

In 1999 he discovered the subtle and yet profound benefits of Pilates and shortly after undertook his APMA Pilates Training immediately incorporating this technique into his personal training style. Antonio has since visited and trained with renowned teachers worldwide including Alan Herdman at "Alan Herdman Studio's" London UK and  Romana Kryzanowska at Joseph Pilates' original studio "The New York Pilates Studio".

In 2002 Antonio experienced the diverse and dynamic practice of Kundalini Yoga which he found to be a great contrast and complement to his Pilates practice. In 2004 he travelled to New Mexico USA to do his Kundalini Yoga Masters Touch training and become a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. In addition Antonio has received extensive training in a variety of meditation and healing techniques.

Since 1997, Body Bliss has been growing steadily, teachers have been employed to cover corporate yoga classes and a variety of workshops have been held around the world, Antonio has been a sought after teacher and has worked as the Key Cast Trainer for various Hollywood films such as Queen of the Damned, Ned Kelly and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Body Bliss Wellbeing is a vision Antonio has had for many years. In 2009 the doors of our Beautiful studio in Prahran were open and together with his wife talented Yoga teacher Alexandra, the vision is now a reality. They have created an environment that is unique, a place where people feel like they are stepping into another world, a world of relaxation, luxury, health and wellbeing.

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