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This group personal training program has been designed by Antonio Di Cecco - "Personal Trainer to the Hollywood Stars" and is based on 25 years of experience in 'Body Sculpting and Body Conditioning'.

Antonio originally developed this program for leading Hollywood actors to prepare them for the camera and the rigurous demands of stunt work.

The program was so successful Antonio became the main Personal Trainer in various Hollywood films including "Pirates of the Caribbean 2 &3 " , "Kingdom of Heaven", "Queen of the Damned" amongst others.

The program is designed to shape your body intrinsically and extrinsically:

Muscle Tone & Strength
without compromising
Core, Flexibility, Alignment & Posture

Traditionally, mainstream weight/resistance training can produce amazing results in body shaping. However, it falls short in activating core muscles and promoting proper alignment, more often it works against building core strength which creates issues later on.

The Align & Define Program incorporates mainstream resistance training with Yoga & Pilates principles it actually builds upon and reinforces your current Yoga & Pilates practice. The program also incorporates High Intensity training principles to give you the best results in body shaping and weight loss.

For those of you wanting it all:

Excellent Posture / Strength / Muscle Definition / Flexibility Weight Loss



"Having suffered numerous injuries in the past I am always wary of physical training. The combination of exercise that Antonio put together for me built the core strength I had long been missing and required for both my roles in "Ned Kelly" & the "Calcium Kid". Not only did I increase my stamina for the roles but the training enabled me to work to my full potential both physically and mentally."
Orlando Bloom - Actor

"I have worked with many trainers in my film career, and none has come close to Antonio, either in knowledge or in comprehension of the work required"
Jeremy Irons - Actor

"I have been training for 3 months with Antonio and the results are amazing. I have lost 8 kg and gained a new body!"
Vincent Perez - Actor

"Antonio accomplished an exceptional job by helping Orlando Bloom to gain the 25 pounds of muscle essential for his role as Balian in 'Kingdom of Heaven' enhancing his abilities to cope with the physical demands of his character."
Branko Lustig - Executive Producer

"Antonio has restored my body to what it was when I was twenty!.
His program has liberated my body from superfluous fat and replaced it with good muscle tone"
Fabrizio Bentivoglio - Actor




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