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About Meditation:

At its core, meditation is about touching the spiritual essence that exists within us all. Experiencing the joy of this essence has been called enlightenment and reflects a deep understanding within us. The spiritual essence is not something that we create through meditation. It is already there, deep within, behind all the barriers, patiently waiting for us to recognize it.

One does not have to be religious or even interested in religion to find value in it. Becoming more aware of your self and realizing your spiritual nature is something that transcends religion.

Anyone who has explored meditation knows that it is simply a path that leads to a new, more expansive way of seeing the world around usIn each Meditation class we will practice different aspects and kinds of meditation, maily TM meditation.

This advanced technology works essentially on mind/body/spirit synchronization resulting in a return to wholeness. It uses breathing patterns, dynamic movement, sound and vibration, visualization and mental focus to tap into life-force energies

We are certain our beautiful studio is the perfect place to find relaxation and our experienced teachers make learning easy and achievable.

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