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Because you deserve an amazing birth!

Join Alexandra Di Cecco - Childbirth Educator, Women's Yoga Specialist, Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Teacher & mother of two on this 3 hr intensive workshop designed to prepare pregnant women & their partners for easier & more comfortable birth.


• Prepare your body & your mind for Birth

• Understand what really happens in labour & birth

• Learn the 5 most important Breaths & Postural Techniques for each phase of your birthing.

• Discover the true role of the partner in the birthing room

and much more...

Regardless of your choice of how & where to birth this workshop will provide you with tools that will enhance your birth experience, you will learn tools to work with your body and your baby & your partner will learn how to support you best during birth.

Your birth can be a positive & exciting event!.




Cost $200 per couple / $100 single (Includes a copy of Radiant Birth book by Alexandra Di Cecco)




Dear Alexandra,
I wanted to thank you for the Birth Bliss Workshop, it reduced my anxiety by making me feel so much more confident in myself and my body to naturally birth my baby. I was so anxious about the birth before, not just about the pain but also if my body would cope and if my baby would be ok.

The content was so comprehensive I felt the tools helped me feel more confident about how I would be able to handle labour, the partner specific tasks and tips helped my husband to feel more in control and useful, it was great!

Thanks Alexandra for all your help and support during such a special time for me. You are such an inspiration to be a fit, healthy and calm mum :)
Love, Rubi

Feedback from past participants:

Hi Alexandra,
So sorry I missed class last week- My baby decided to come early!
I just wanted to let you know I don't think I could have done it without your guidance. Your extensive knowledge enriched my pregnancy and gave me the confidence to do what I didn't think was possible (a natural birth). You repeatedly said in classes, "your body knows what to do", and you were absolutely right. Thanks again Alexandra, I look forward to seeing you soon!
With my warmest regards, Joanne

Hi Alexandra
I just want to say a HUGE thank you!!!!!!!!
Thanks to you I didn't need to be induced, nor did I tear and require stitches, despite his head being in the top 95% for size!!!
I was getting desperate as I was set to be induced Friday morning at 7am (apparently my amniotic fluid surrounding the baby was too low, so they were really pushing an induction sooner rather than later).
Hypnotherapy was fantastic, I cried a lot, but felt extremely refreshed when I left an hour and a half later. I then went into labour 5 hours later!! It was amazing - I couldn't believe it!!!
15 hours later our baby was born!! I followed the midwife's instructions and didn't tear!!.... needless to say I have been singing your praises to everyone I talk to when I tell them the story!! (did you know only 8% of women do not tear with their first?).
I really cant thank you enough for everything, your classes, your wisdom, your kindness and your support! Phoebe W

Dear Alexandra,
My baby boy was born yesterday 4.615Kgs!!!! 53cm!!!! I had to be induced as my waters broke 36 hours earlier without getting to active labour. It was a loooooong day! After 7 hours inducing, active labour was only 5 hours. The midwives commented on my amazing breath and visualization work to get through without an epidural. And he was looking to be a posterior baby, but after doing some hip circles, figure of eights and forward and back rocking... he turned around! (Phew!) Thank you so much for all your invaluable support and guidance.
I look forward to getting back to your yoga studio soon! Kara M

"The workshop provided some great information to help get us through the birth and it was provided in a professional and intimate manner. The small class definitely helped and allowed us to actively participate and ask questions when needed. The workshop has helped us to feel calm and relaxed about the birth and I'm really happy we decided to participate in the class". Katy T

"The Workshop was so informative and I highly recommend participating. The practical exercises, especially the breathing techniques were fantastic.
The information and resources we took away from the workshop were also invaluable.
With my birth just around the corner, I feel so much more confident and relaxed. Thank you Alexandra, I really appreciate everything!" Phoebe

"Alexandra, Thank you for the fantastic workshop. It was such a  a great refresher for me, and your passion and insight made me feel limitless confidence for the birth I want!" Kate R.

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