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Last Friday of the month 11.30-12.30pm

Cost $35

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We understand babies are unpredictable and the main motto of the class is being relaxed and flexible with each other and our babies, however a bit of planning goes a long way. We ask you to follow these guidelines while at our yoga studio. Thanks and welcome!!
• Arrive 5 min early for your first class
• Feed your baby before coming to class & ensure baby is well rested (if possible). No food is allowed in our premises.
• Bring a blanket for your baby to rest/play on.
•If possible avoid bringing your pram or stroller as it will need to be left outside under the verandah. When possible use a baby carrier.

• Soft toys ONLY are allowed. We have a basket of toys to share so you don't need to worry about bringing many toys. Please leave home any hard or noisy toys so we can keep the distraction/noises to a minimum during the class.
•If you need to breast/bottle feed your baby during the class that is absolutely fine, just find a comfortable place in the room, make sure you back is supported and join the class again when you are finished.
• We have tea facilities for you to enjoy after the class if you like but please keep water/tea only in our reception area. Leakproof water bottles are allowed in the yoga room.
During the class do what feels right for you and your baby, if you need to stop to feed or to just cuddle your baby just do so. Listen to your body and start slowly, in no time both you and your baby will get used to your yoga class and will greatly enjoy it.

When can I start Mother and Baby Yoga?

This carefully designed class, is suitable for mothers of babies aged 6wks to 11m - (precrawlers). However the starting time will differ for each new mum and baby. Make sure that you have been given the all clear to exercise from your doctor (especially if you have had a Cesarean section) and that your baby is healthy on the day.

What does the class involve?
The exercises are shared between gentle Yoga Vinyasa for mum while baby will be involved in gentle stretches, either laying on their baby mat, on top of your yoga mat, or being held in your lap whilst you do your stretching exercises. All classes offer massage and exercises to soothe your baby and create a positive atmosphere.

The classes will vary each month, some classes may focus on reactivating and strengthening your abdominal muscles and others in relieving tension in your neck and shoulders.

About your teacher: Alexandra Di Cecco

• Strengthen & tone your body in a safe and effective way
• Increases strength and stability of abdomen & pelvic floor
• Reduces back pain & relaxes the nervous system
• Brings balance to the endocrine system (hormonal balance)
• Relieves fatigue & boosts your energy
• Relaxes & calms your mind
• Encourages baby postural development
• Increases bonding between mum and baby

More Benefits

Mother and Baby Yoga is beneficial firstly because babies are open to new and varied experiences. Your shared experience encourages mutual respect and understanding, and brings you both joy and wonder as you embark on your journey. It encourages bonding through touch, rhythm and movement which all bring about deep relaxation.

The series of sequences in yoga encourage your baby's flexibility and are designed to bring the body harmony. Research has shown that tactile stimulation such as gentle massage has great effect on the development of the brain and nervous system, so this helps to give your baby the best start in life that you can.

Not only this, but mother and baby yoga can help to improve your baby's sleep pattern through the level of physical activity. The movements can give relief to colicky babies and improve digestion through massage.

So what are the benefits for YOU, the Mother? Not only will your child be more relaxed, sleep well and have better development but after birth, your body is often tired and in need of a wake up call! Therefore yoga can help muscles to regain strength, increase postural realignment and tone those abdominal muscles and pelvic floor that have been weakened after pregnancy. You will feel calmer and bond well with your child, as doing yoga helps emit a feeling of peace and tranquility.

We know that this period of your life can be challenging. Mother and baby yoga helps a smoother transition into motherhood, encouraging the relationship with your child in a caring environment.


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