10 wk Yoga & Meditation Course starts week 15 Oct.

TUES 7.45 - 9.15 pm
WED 6.30 - 8 pm
SAT 10.15 - 11.30 am

COST: $280

Receive a bonus Yoga Mat or deluxe Eye Pillow when you sign up to Term 4 - starting 15 Oct


SATURDAY 27 Oct at 2.30pm
SATURDAY 1 Dec at 2.30pm
Cost $88 - BOOK NOW


"Amazing! Wow! The meditation classes were exactly what I have needed & have been looking for. Something has altered in me since starting the course and it is definitely for the better. Thank you for an amazing 10 weeks. I will be back." N. Bakota

"Trully addictive!!! Never felt as strong and  as flexible" L. Webster

"Love the Meditation Course! Sensational and different to anything I have done before" K. Costelo

"A fantastic environment and teacher. Thank you!" R. Southgate

"Amazing - Best money I've spent this year - Priceless - Nothing but positive. Each Meditation class gives a sense of hope and peace. I feel motivated to become a better, happier me. To accept and love me more. The Meditation Course is very Inspiring! "
M. Bakota




At its core, meditation is about touching the spiritual essence that exists within us all. Experiencing the joy of this essence has been called enlightenment and reflects a deep understanding within us. The spiritual essence is not something that we create through meditation. It is already there, deep within, behind all the barriers, patiently waiting for us to recognize it. One does not have to be religious or even interested in religion to find value in it. Becoming more aware of your self and realizing your spiritual nature is something that transcends religion. Anyone who has explored meditation knows that it is simply a path that leads to a new, more expansive way of seeing the world around us

In each Meditation class we will practice different aspects and kinds of meditation, maily TM meditation. This advanced technology works essentially on mind/body/spirit synchronization resulting in a return to wholeness. It uses breathing patterns, dynamic movement, sound and vibration, visualization and mental focus to tap into life-force energies

Benefits of Meditation

  • Recent research done by neuroscientist Sara Lazar held in 2005 suggests that the size of the amygdala, the part of the brain involved in emotions and stress regulation can be reduced by meditation.
  • Research conducted by neuroscientist Eileen Luders and published by NeuroImage in 2009 confirms that meditation changes our brains profoundly, making them more efficient and better at controlling attention, managing emotions and making mindful choices.
  • According to the research done over 30 years by Dr Herbert Benson from Harvard University the practice of meditation can allow your body to release melatonin & seratonin - the body’s natural calming hormones. He refers to serotonin as “the hormone of happiness”. 
  • He has also found that regular practice of meditation increases by 47% the release of DHEA, the hormone related to youth. This hormone increases the body’s natural rejuvenation process.
  • Practicing yoga and meditation keeps the body healthy and trains the mind to be strong and flexible in the face of stress and change. It increases oxygen capacity, boosts blood flow, balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and reduces stress-induced toxins such as adrenaline and cortol.
  • The effect is a heightened self-awareness and vitality that allows individuals to harness mental and emotional energy. With  peace of mind and inner calm, individuals feel more in control of themselves thus enhancing their concentration and  self-confidence

Reduce the stress & anxiety in your life with the practice of Yoga & Meditation, remember the best time to start is NOW!

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