The Pilates Method of body conditioning is an exercise system focused on flexibility & strength for the whole body. It is not just exercise. It is a series of specific designed movement patterns engaging your body, breath & mind to restore musculo-skeletal balance. Most activities strengthen some muscles groups & leave others underdeveloped. Pilates addresses this by “switching-on” these dormant core muscles of the body. This results in new & more efficient neuro-muscular patterns being created to ensure that muscles fire from the inside-out.  In addition to enhancing performance, Pilates can also be extremely effective as a rehabilitative exercise. Incorporated into a physical therapy program it can prevent & speed recovery of injuries.

PILATES MAT:: We are currently running courses of Pilates Mat suitable for all levels*. The Pilates Mat is run as a structured course which builds upon each week. This allows beginners to grasp the foundations of the Method while ongoing students refine their practice.

PILATES STUDIO:: Private or small group (duets or trio) sessions are available in our state of the art pilates studio. Pilates studio sessions incorporate both mat and machine work.

PILATES TEACHER TRAINING:: Fletcher-Pilates continuing education classes for teachers of any pilates lineage are run on a monthly basis

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