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All our Pilates Mat and Reformer & Mat classes are excellent for Postnatal Care & Fitness.

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Recover, Tone & Strengthen after birth

Pilates quickens postpartum recovery, it strengthens the body & mind for the new demands of motherhood. Whether you have had a vaginal or Caesarian delivery, a safe Pilates workout is developed to target particular muscle groups.

We have developed a Specific class for Postnatal women which has been tailored to your Postnatal requirements and will help you achieve your goals in a more effective way. Our teachers are trained to deal with issues such as Diastisis Recti and Pelvic Instability.

We also provide you with guidance and support to help you loose your baby weight while breastfeeding and stay healthy throughout the process!

We recommend that you wait a minimum of six weeks after delivery to start exercising again. However, if you have had a caesarean section, then it is highly recommended that you wait eight to twelve weeks before starting postnatal Pilates. However, always consult your doctor and inform the teacher at the start of the class where you are in your postnatal phase.

Postnatal Pilates classes offer one of the best ways to get back into shape quickly after having a baby.

The benefits of postnatal Pilates classes are many. Designed specifically to target those problem areas that mothers face after pregnancy, these classes are conceived to firm-up and strengthen the body's core muscles in order to create a trimmer and sleeker silhouette.

By creating a "girdle" around your middle you will have greater strength in your back & stomach muscles and will even increase your arm strength to help you cope with all the bending and lifting you will be doing with your new baby.

Pilates will also help to improve your posture so that you will experience far less back pain & tenderness.

Postnatal Pilates classes will do wonders for your overall conditioning as well as for your mental outlook.

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