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"The course is impressive. I feel much better. I am able to sleep well, I feel happier and with less tension" A. Jatulan

"The course is amazing. I enjoy coming every week. I feel mentally and physically stronger! Antonio is a great teacher!" J. Borg

"I leave every class that I attend feeling revitalised, exhausted (in the best possible way) and blissfully happy – traffic, rain, bad drivers…none of them can bother me!

I wish I could attend a class every day of the week – the 2 terms that I have attended so far have changed my life – my body is changing, my attitude is shifting, along with my perspective and outlook, I feel energised and inspired.

Antonio and Alexandra are compassionate and insightful in their teaching and generous and sincere in their healing and guidance.

I feel blessed to have found Body Bliss Wellbeing. I had been looking since moving to Richmond and I tried a few places then I stopped, uninspired. Then for no apparent reason and without ‘conscious’ thought I looked again, found Body Bliss, enquired and had a response the same day, and I also had exactly $280 that I was keeping for another course (that I had just pulled out of because of disappointment) so I enrolled. That says it all really…

Thank you for doing what you do." S. Sabell

"I have absolutely loved the meditation classes and recommended it to others. The meditation course content is very well thought  out and presented taking into account the students needs. Gentle, kind and wonderfully challenging. I feel fantastic by the end of it and the next day I am stil buzzing and feeling positive." M. Franich


Feedback from one of our students:

Right from the first moment I walked into the house I could feel the great energy and I knew from that moment that this was a safe and special environment in which to work.

I really appreciate being pushed – just enough – so that the benefits were almost instant. How did I know they were instant? I left my very first class with a smile on my face and I had to really concentrate on driving because the state my head was in!

The teaching given by Alexandra and Antonio within and alongside the Yoga and the Meditation sparked a lot of interest, so much so that I have gone out and done my own learning and research about Yoga – which has deepened my whole experience.

The class sizes are perfect – and Antonio and Alexandra will watch closely to ensure that the postures are done correctly, whish is hugely beneficial and constructive…and unfortunately…rare!

The classes are holistic in every sense of the word.

I am now practicing on my own because I have found – through the classes – a set that works for me. Alexandra has also given me a great set of meditation tools to use for different and specific reasons. I love trying them out to see what happens!

Not a single thing!

Body Bliss Wellbeing is safe, nurturing and supportive place where I feel free and safe to go deep within myself – even if it’s dark and scary – to see what’s down there. As I leave the soft lighting and warmth of the house to re-enter reality I feel armed with a new strength and a fresh, softer outlook on the world. To me, Body Bliss is like a warm blanket, a glass of my favourite red, or a cherished memory – when I think about being there or when I’ll be there again – I feel relief and I smile!

S. Sabell

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