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"I started prenatal yoga classes at Body Bliss Wellbeing when I was 19 weeks pregnant. Body Bliss Wellbeing is fantastic, I feel lucky to have found it! Alexandra really personalises the experience and makes you feel special, which I feel is really important during this amazing time in your life. I have had a really difficult pregnancy especially with my hips, Alexandra always took this into consideration, and I always felt better after the class! I looked forward to my prenatal yoga class every week, it gave me a chance to really relax while doing something fantastic for myself and my baby! It was great to meet other pregnant women and it also taught me to really connect with my baby. Thank you so much!"
P. Wallish

" I loved the classes! Prenatal Yoga at Body Bliss was the most enjoyable preparation for birh and a time off the busy week where I could really relax and connect with my baby" M. Kent

"Alexandra is a wonderful teacher who explains everything clearly and provides personal attention to make sure you are completing positions correctly and safely. She always gives her students positive encouragement to help us through our pregnancy and to assist us in approaching labour and birth with a strong mind and a healthy body." L. Pinter

"I like feeling relaxed & calm after the class. Yoga makes me feel positive, it has been amazing esperience throughout my pregnancy and I definitely recommend it." K. Thomas

"The classes are fantastic, they are great for relaxation and to build strength. I will and recommend to all pregnant women!" T. Day

"I love Prenatal Yoga at Body Bliss! Alexandra is fantastic. I am very happy and feel wonderful" L. Addison

"I thoroughly enjoy my classes Prenatal Yoga & Pilates classes at Body Bliss and would recommend to anyone. It benefits my pregnancy physically and mentally" M. Rodski


A letter from one of our students ::

Dear Alexandra and Antonio,

I just wanted to let you know that our baby was born yesterday! a week early - and I wanted to thank you both I truly believe that yoga and Pilates with you helped me achieve the natural birth and labour that I had hoped for!

Yoga helped so much especially during the pregnancy and Pilates helped me get through the contractions with the breathing exercise that we did where we swung our arms above our heads and stood on our tippy toes- that got me through so much of the labour without pain relief- my calves are killing me though!

So thank you again - my body really thanks you I was up and walking around 30 min after the birth!

Warm Regards,


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