Body Bliss Wellbeing


"The class is very calming yet it still offers a bit of a challenge. It is one of the best parts of my week. I will keep coming" C. Fitchett

"The classes at Body Bliss are very challenging yet relaxing, they help me to rest well, hence it increases my work performance daily. Thanks!!" F. Angkasa

"I love yoga at Body Bliss. The classes are quite different to other yoga classes, there is attention to detail, great relaxation, music. It is holistic!" Sloane R.

"The class has good strong exercises coupled with relaxation, it is all very well explained. Thank you Antonio & Alexandra, you have opened my mind to yoga" S. Bourke

"I like the pace of the class, I have noticed a huge improvement not only in my physical body and flexibility but also in my mind and how I think, interpret and react to things. I love it!" E. Badu




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